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In the early 70's, E T Jackson started a manufacturing and service company(Medi-Tech Instrumentation, Inc).  This company manufactured small quantities of strain and stress transducers and low volume specialty instrumentation for private companies.  We serviced various medical instruments, most of which came from Europe.  The companies we serviced scattered the globe. This created a demand for us to document our instruments in different languages.  As a matter of fact, the documentation process had become more time consuming than the actual design and fabrication of the products.  E T's wife, Vivian, had already started a Word Processing and Desktop Publishing company (Metro Business Center), so the natural thing at that point was to merge the two businesses together and enhance the Desktop Publishing business to address the production needs.  This was not an easy thing to do.  There were many decisions to make pertaining to work concentration and staffing.  Over the years, we did work out a balancing plan to address the fast growing and ever changing industries and the economy.

Throughout the 80's, 90's and now into the new millenninum, Vivian and ET and their children pretty much handle most of the management of the companies.  There have been moderate changes in the direction of the company as the years have elapsed.  Some of the more significant changes have been equipment enhancement and learning new techniques.  We are always monitoring trends and studying our perspective industries.  We know that the best way to keep customers satisfied is to be responsive, offer the best quality, and value our customer's privacy.


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